Wednesday, April 23, 2008

the current

aftermaths are very interesting. they have enormous possibilities as lessons. or afterthoughts. 2007 has been both.

i learned that listening helps (so much) in uncomfortable conversations, and that patience pays off NOT just in the end. my complains struggle to fade away, but they are slowly disappearing. i'm thankful instead. excuses and reasons to fail have no place in my journey. i know that i'm finally growing up. i accept myself. i will defy expectations.

so, for you, a student of life...start to learn.

Friday, August 31, 2007

stuck in quiet

it's been a year of being stuck in happy. but there came a fork in the road. and it hit me square in the eye. that bubble burst. that dent remains. and in this season of black and blue i search for quiet. and i'm still travelling.

love or hate in quiet. left or right in quiet. is there a middle ground in quiet?

but if i stay quiet, if i stay still, the skies will clear. then, i can be happy in the quiet.